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fieldman उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.A challenge for any cancer patient, male or female, Fieldman offers, is having to seem upbeat around friends and relatives.

12."I don't think we deal with that, " says Fieldman, speaking for many in the room.

13."After the Chinese, " said Fieldman, " the Spanish are the biggest gamblers in Las Vegas ."

14.Jordan Fieldman, 30, a veteran of several support groups, volunteers that his previous experience with mixed groups was both uplifting and alienating.

15.The Police Academy in the South Bronx, a curving vector of glass, designed by Ellerbe Becket in association with Fieldman, is another exciting design.

16."European and Asian airlines are excited about getting into gaming, " said Steve Fieldman, IFT's vice president for business development.

17.PS-IS 217 on Roosevelt Island, a concrete structure designed by Michael Fieldman & Partners, is also a highly refined, powerful work.

18."We have the only flying video-on-demand working right now, " said Steve Fieldman, founder of In-Flight Technologies.

19.Lieb went on to release single " Lightning In A Bottle, " also produced by Fieldman, and its accompanying music video on November 19, 2014.

20."It was nice to have the support, but I still felt different, " says Fieldman, who like Babich has been through brain cancer and survived what was once a grim prognosis.

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