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force couple उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.Friday's rain forced Couples to resume his second round on No . 8, but it allowed him to play 29 holes under ideal conditions.

12.The reason the ruler on the table spins is because friction drags the other end back in the opposite direction, creating a force couple.

13.The rule also affects many ethnic Danes and their spouses, forcing couples to live in third countries apart from their families and support networks.

14.Cohen recently reintroduced a bill that would force couples to agree on the disposition of embryos in advance of fertilization, in case of a divorce.

15.Back problems forced Couples to withdraw from the Bay Hill Invitational two weeks ago, so he didn't get to practice much before The Players Championship.

16.The supporter said the E . I . T . C . threshold currently is lower, forcing couples to accept a tax increase or avoid marriage.

17.Similarly with any force couple on an object that has no change to its angular momentum, such moment is also not called a " torque ".

18.In 1989, Cobb County became the first in the nation to mandate divorce information sessions to force couples to confront the impact of their breakup on the children.

19.These two muscles act as a force couple within the glenohumeral joint to properly elevate the acromion process, and if a muscle imbalance exists, shoulder impingement may develop.

20.A skilled labour force coupled with the adoption of modern British / Western business methods and technology ensured that opportunities for external trade, investment, and recruitment were maximised.

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