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jack staff उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
31.In 1961, a policy of wearing the Canadian Red Ensign from the masthead ( in addition to the Canadian Blue Ensign at the jack staff when appropriate, and the White Ensign at the ensign staff ) was established.

32.In " The Weird World of Jack Staff " # 4, it was revealed Becky was indeed the prophesised champion who would save the world, and that Jack Staff's destined role was to keep her alive until then.

33.While a health care portal sounds like an exciting concept, trying to tame the unwieldy, fragmented medical profession is an " enormous challenge, " said Jack Staff, an analyst at Zona Research, a market-research firm in Redwood City.

34.Jack Staff, chief economist with Zona Research, a unit of Intelliquest, said that " there are literally dozens of features that are needed to make an e-commerce site work well " beyond those offered by the one-stop e-commerce companies.

35.He took up a public role once more, with a cover story of having been frozen in ice for several decades, and deliberately attacked Castletown in order to draw out Jack Staff and have petty revenge on him for imagined slights.

36.The national flag had replaced both the White Ensign at the ensign staff and the Canadian Blue Ensign at the jack staff in 1965, and the national flag remained the ensign of Canadian Forces ships after the introduction of the new jack.

37.He has a slightly frosty relationship with Jack Staff, saying ( # 4 Vol . 2 ) that " when it comes to the crunch, he won't be there "-this may refer to a past event or imply Hawke is part of the Green.

38.In " The Weird World Of Jack Staff ", he states to himself that he has no idea why he keeps returning to crime : " it's like I hear this voice inside my head and suddenly I'm not listening to anything else ".

39."It's a very real problem, and I think we're liable to have legal forays into this particular issue down the line, " said Jack Staff, chief internet analyst for Zona Research Inc . " Especially if a site's performance degrades and sales are not enough to compensate ."

40.It has been noted by various characters ( such as in " Jack Staff Special " # 1 ) that Jack's record of success is a bit iffy; he often gets battered by supervillains and ends up in embarrassing or dangerous situations, such as being set up to be arrested by the Spider.

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