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mackles उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.Former senior player Eamon Mackle was heavily involved in Armagh's success along with Armagh coach Paul Grimley.

12.Q : Whatever happened to Barbara Jane Mackle, the heiress who was kidnapped for ransom in Atlanta some years ago?

13.A : Mackle, who was kidnapped in 1968, tries to live a normal life with her family in Florida.

14.On December 20, Krist called and gave to a switchboard operator of the FBI vague directions to Mackle's burial place.

15.The Mackle brothers organized a worldwide advertising campaign for the Island's launch in 1965, which attracted 25, 000 people.

16.More than 100 people complained to MDA about the comments, including some who receive services from the organization, spokesman Bob Mackle said.

17.In 1940 the Mackle Construction Company offered new homes on the island for US $ 9, 540, with just US $ 500 down.

18.Atlanta Journal-Constitution Dining critic Elliott Mackle's comments on the smoking area at a restaurant called Delectables elicited this letter from a reader.

19.The Mackle brothers of the Deltona Corporation led the development of the island after purchasing large amounts of land on the island for $ 7 million.

20.According to an often repeated story, the Mackle Brothers were selling lots in Miami area and decided to put an ad in a northern newspaper.

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