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radiant heating उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
21.Designs with radiant heating are seen as replacements for conventional convection heating as well as a way of supplying confined outdoor heating.

22.In Passive Houses, Net Zero Energy buildings the low temperatures of radiant heating and cooling systems present significant opportunities to exploit exergy.

23.Julius describes a double roof for dwellings, with an air gap between the inner and outer roof to reduce direct radiant heating.

24.In the spring, the club installed an underground, radiant heating system to replace a 30-year-old model installed when Vince Lombardi was coach.

25.Radiant heating of the boiler tubes is the same, but there is less convective heat transfer, giving a higher superheater gas inlet temperature.

26.The powdered sheet is then fed into a radiant heating system ( as above ) at a speed that achieves a good-quality melted film.

27.Since radiant heating systems tend to be in the floor, the obvious choice would be to use the same circulation system for cooled water.

28.These one-story, three bedroom houses were constructed on concrete slabs with radiant heating-construction atypical of New England and initially viewed with suspicion by some.

29.Q : My house has radiant heating with heating cables in the ceilings and we have a continual problem with the plaster ceilings cracking.

30.In green homes, high-tech means solar photovoltaic cells, heat exchange ventilation systems, geothermal heat pumps, attic ventilation systems and radiant heating powered by floor-based cables.

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