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radiant heating उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
41.Thermal radiation is different from thermal convection and thermal conduction a person near a raging bonfire feels radiant heating from the fire, even if the surrounding air is very cold.

42.The houses'flat roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, covered carports and toasty radiant heating embodied the constant search for happier, better living : postwar California optimism served sunny side up on a concrete slab.

43.The ranch homes were similar to the rental properties in that they were built on concrete slabs, included an expandable attic but no garage, and were heated with hot-water radiant heating pipes.

44.Technically, the modern day " ondol " is based on the same concept as the underfloor radiant heating invented by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who was interested in Japanese architecture.

45.Pre-pour pressure tests required by concrete installation standards and good practice guidelines for the design, construction, operation and repair of radiant heating and cooling systems mitigate problems resulting from improper installation and operation.

46.One thing that isn't typical of ships is the warmth one feels when walking across the hand-planed heritage oak floor boards that emanates from a radiant heating system that keeps the ground cold from seeping through.

47.The house is warmed by radiant heating in the floor that draws heat from the lake, making the floor so toasty that even in winter the couple can pad barefoot to the kitchen for their gourmet coffee.

48.While residential radiant heating systems are still the exception rather than the rule, heating experts say, modern materials and installation techniques have made such systems more efficient, more comfortable and far less likely to fail than their predecessors.

49.However, it will take quite a while to heat the bathroom that way, as the heat must pass by through the floor tiles, whereas the heat lamp / radiant heating method starts to heat up the bathroom instantly.

50.Mains frequency induction heaters are still widely used throughout manufacturing industry due to their relatively low cost and thermal efficiency compared to radiant heating where piece parts or steel containers need to be heated as part of a batch process line.

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