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termes उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.They also practice traditional arts termes witchcraft . This movement originally arose as part of an anti-colonial resistance.

12.Turning north, with a brief descent, the race continued climbing into the Category 3 Col des Trois Termes to.

13.Chales de Beaulieu ordered the 63rd Infantry Regiment and a battery of artillery to move around the French left flank to Termes.

14.The castle belonged to the Armagnac-Termes family until the French Revolution, when it was declared a national asset and sold.

15.The Mayor of Lyon Jean-Fran�ois Termes acquired the artwork in 1843 for the sum of 2000 francs ( 1990 USD ).

16.La d�cision agace le gouvernement qui accuse SFR de ne pas tenir ses engagements en termes d'emploi et d'investissement.

17.In 1241, Olivier de Termes submitted to Louis IX, and thus recovered a portion of his lands and castles, including Durfort.

18.La p�riode peut avoir plus de deux termes, qu'on pourrait appeler, pour garder la m�me terminologie, des nombres sociables.

19.Suffering losses from artillery and machine gun fire from Termes and in their rear from Ansart they were eventually forced to retreat to Jamoigne.

20.Unable to reach the gunners due to marshland, impenetrable fences and heavy defensive fire they moved south across the Breuvanne bridge and west towards Termes.

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