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yard inspector उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.A Scotland Yard inspector ( Stanley Ridges ) suspects that Marshall murdered his wife but is unable to prove it.

12.Holmes and Watson are invited by Scotland Yard Inspector Gregson to accompany him to an ancient country mansion in Derbyshire.

13.It is a locked room mystery and features his series detective, Sir Henry Merrivale, assisted by Scotland Yard Inspector Humphrey Masters.

14.Kriminal has a female companion, Lola Hudson, who was once the wife of Scotland Yard Inspector Patrick Milton, his main enemy.

15.It was to become the first in a series of 3 works featuring the character of Terry Sneed, an unscrupulous Scotland Yard inspector.

16.Meanwhile, Scotland Yard Inspector Claud Eustace Teal also finds himself getting involved, even though the identity of The Saint remains a mystery to him.

17.Another typical feature is the heroine, who has to be protected from the schemes and misdeeds of the villain by the Scotland Yard inspector.

18.Among Ridges's other film roles were as the Scotland Yard inspector who is shadowing Charles Laughton in the film " Wilson " ( 1944 ).

19.Scotland Yard Inspector Harley Temple ( Charles Coburn ) asks if Sandra would be willing to work undercover to help find her missing friend and the killer.

20.The pair starred in the " Pryde and Wisdom " three-issue miniseries, which introduced Wisdom's sister Romany, as well as his father Harold, a retired Scotland Yard inspector.

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