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  • Opportunistic activity by combinations of otherwise normal bacterial flora, such as aerobic streptococci, " Neisseria ", " Actinomyces ", spirochetes, and " Bacteroides " species can prolong the ulcerative process.
  • Like various other anaerobes, " Actinomyces " species are Clinical laboratories do culture and isolate them, but a negative result does not rule out infection, because it may be due simply to reluctance to grow in vitro.
  • Symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, and weight loss . " Actinomyces " species have also been shown to infect the central nervous system in a dog " without history or evidence of previous trauma or other organ involvement ."
  • A number of types of bacteria, such as " Actinomyces viscosus " and " A . naeslundii ", live in the mouth, where they are part of a sticky substance called calculus ( also called tartar ).
  • The agents of actinomycosis are now known to be endogenous organisms of the mucous membranes, in most cases " Actinomyces israelii ", a species named after surgeon James Israel, who first discovered its presence in humans in the late 1870s.
  • The taxonomic history of " S . griseus " and its phylogenetically related strains has been turbulent . " S . griseus " was first described in 1914 by Krainsky, who called the species " Actinomyces griseus ".
  • Four of these compounds ( Sagittine A D ) exhibited antibacterial activity against " Streptococcus mutans " and " Actinomyces naeslundii " while another ( Sagittine E ) was only active against " A . naeslundii " ( MIC = 62.5 ?g ml 1 ).
  • It was originally isolated from cultures of various species of Actinomyces Pepstatin A is well known to be an inhibitor of aspartic proteinases such as pepsin, cathepsins D and E . Except for its role as a proteinase inhibitor, however, the pharmacological action of pepstatin A upon cells remain unclear.
  • The species was originally classified as " Actinomyces pyogenes ", then " Arcanobacterium pyogenes ", When the genus " Arcanobacterium " was split into two ( " Arcanobacterium " and " Trueperella " gen . nov . ), the new genus name was chosen in honor of the German microbiologist.
  • :cat bites on the hand are notoriously dangerous, because [ 1 ] cats have normal flora in their mouths that cause severe infection in humans ( e . g ., unusual organisms such as the " NO-1 ", " Actinomyces ", " Porphyromonas " & " Pasteurella " sp ., or more common ones like " Staph " ), and [ 2 ] because the hand is a " closed space " within which such infections, especially anaerobic ones, easily spread.
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