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  • Purifying / stabilizing selection is not the sole cause of stasis.
  • The reason can be that methods for detecting stabilizing selection are complex.
  • Inheritance alone is too imperfect to achieve a purifying and stabilizing selection.
  • Stabilizing selection is the opposite of disruptive selection.
  • For example, long-term stabilizing selection related to stable environments might cause stasis.
  • Graph 2 depicts stabilizing selection, where the intermediate phenotype is favored over the extreme traits.
  • Likewise, pleiotropic gene's stabilizing selection allows for the allele frequency to be altered.
  • Stabilizing selection favors the middle phenotype, causing the decline in variation in a population over time.
  • The stability is explained by the purifying / stabilizing selection of body plans and the constructional restictions.
  • His work in evolutionary biology includes a theory for the origination of the " locked in " by stabilizing selection.
  • Because most traits change little over time, stabilizing selection is thought to be the most common type of selection in most populations.
  • However, a meta-analysis of studies that measured selection in the wild failed to find an overall trend for stabilizing selection.
  • Stabilizing selection commonly uses negative selection ( a . k . a . purifying selection ) to select against extreme values of the character.
  • Alternatively, the values of the behavioural traits are not maximized by directional selection, but rather are under the influence of stabilizing selection.
  • Stabilizing selection acts to hold a trait at a stable optimum, and in the simplest case all deviations from this optimum are selectively disadvantageous.
  • One study shows that a small influx of immigrants with a tendency to cooperate less can generate enough genetic variability to stabilize selection for mutualism.
  • Averageness has been a result of stabilizing selection whereas facial paedomorphosis or juvenile traits are a result of directional selection ( Wehr, 2001 ).
  • This phenomenon, which he calls " stabilizing selection, " puts genes and environment on a par in secondary importance compared to the epigenetic system.
  • To compare the effects of directional and stabilizing selection on facial paedomorphosis Wehr used graphic morphing to alter appearances to make faces appear more or less juvenile.
  • However, there is no qualitative difference in directional selection on C between stabilizing selection ( i . e . no sexual selection ) and directional selection on T.
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