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steel band इन हिंदी

steel band उदाहरण वाक्य
ढ़ोल बजानेवालों का समूह
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इस्पात फीता
steel:    तलवार दृढ़ता
band:    मण्डली कटिबंध संघ
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.In a steel band, Michael J . Copps would play the violin.

2.Steel bands and school kids will stage an " Irish-Caribbean " spectacle.

3.You will often see them used in steel bands, typically from the Caribbean.

4.The telescoping column is formed by a pair of interlocking stainless steel bands.

5.This internal pressure is confined radially by a belt of pre-stressed steel bands.

6.It features Guy Barker's laid back trumpet and some synthesised steel band sounds.

7.The pilot was smoothly rounded and streamlined, with two stainless-steel bands.

8.In the 1970s the school was famous for its steel band.

9.A steel band played Caribbean tunes, while guests dug into West Indian food.

10.African heritage dominates in calypso music, steel bands and Jumbie Dancers.

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a band that plays instruments made from the heads of oil drums (Caribbean Islands)

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