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  • Nylon was used initially for toothbrush bristles, fishing line and surgical sutures.
  • Eves received six surgical sutures after hitting her head during the altercation.
  • Tissue from the small intestines becomes catgut for racket strings or surgical sutures.
  • When subcutaneous tissue is 2 cm thick or more, surgical suture is used.
  • Ethicon has manufactured surgical sutures and wound closure devices since 1887.
  • Triclosan is also used in the coatings for some surgical sutures.
  • He criticizes in particular the surgical suture and recommends only a narrow range of indication.
  • The actress can perform surgical sutures and later learned how to perform a chest drain.
  • When the fourchette is torn, the bleeding which ensues sometimes requires surgical suturing for containment.
  • Barbed suture is a knotless surgical suture that has a pattern of barbs on its surface.
  • Later, a manufacturing plant was built, where production of several medical products began, mainly surgical sutures.
  • Grigoryants is also credited with developing a method of musculo-aponeurotic surgical suture on the Abdominal cavity
  • Human cells are seeded on a three-dimensional, biocompatible and biodegradable scaffolding built from ordinary surgical suture material.
  • The Burch modifications involved placing the surgical sutures at the bladder neck and tying them to the pectineal ligament.
  • Gore's products include Glide brand dental floss, air filters, synthetic blood vessels, surgical sutures and patches for soft-tissue reconstruction.
  • "' Catgut suture "'is a type of surgical suture that is naturally degraded by the body's own proteolytic enzymes.
  • After World War II, Ethicon s market share in surgical sutures rose from 15 % to 70 % worldwide.
  • For the Berlin museum, Libeskind's floor plans incorporated shapes that evoke lightning bolts, surgical sutures and the Star of David.
  • A special manufacturing process removes the outer irritant sericin coating of the silk, which makes it suitable as non-absorbable surgical sutures.
  • It started out making tennis racket strings, violin strings, and surgical sutures but soon expanded into baseball shoes and tennis racquets.
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