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  • But, then again, all other body parts will have to thaw out, too.
  • Those cursed air conditioners make it mighty tough to thaw out.
  • These are frozen, and then slowly thaw out as the actors wear them.
  • How does cool running water thaw out a frozen drink in only seconds?
  • Sometimes they come back down and thaw out just in time.
  • The women seemed to thaw out, becoming more human as the evening progressed.
  • Those two powerful forces are typically what thaw out an economy.
  • He finally thaws out, and he and Sten go to a restaurant and talk.
  • Once the great frozen north thaws out and cabin fever subsides, summer fun begins.
  • Frozen by the extreme cold, King managed to reach a cabin and thaw out.
  • In spring the insects thaw out and start eating again.
  • These are the trouble-shooting ways to thaw out a pipe.
  • In the spring it thaws out and emerges to pupate.
  • She said,'I need to thaw out my bones . "'
  • But the big leaguers always go to Florida and Arizona to thaw out their arms.
  • It can be quite painful as they thaw out.
  • How to thaw out a pipe in the wall?
  • Nieman thaws out the two and promises to find Talbot a cure for the curse.
  • The time has come to thaw out these plans,
  • _How to thaw out frozen pipes and prevent them from freezing ( comes with illustration ).
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