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thought control इन हिंदी

thought control उदाहरण वाक्य

thought:    चिंता चिन्तन
control:    संचालन जाँच करना
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.But new revolutionary slogans have been painted on signs that indicate thought control:

2.Some called Cozad a fascist and suggested that his real motive was thought control.

3.Carter's primary complaint is that the convention practices thought control.

4.Hobart Freeman did write that " . . . we must practice thought control.

5.They are trying to exercise thought control and censorship by their continuous deletions and reversions.

6.He also works on thought control or guided imagery.

7.Executive functions have roles in attention problems, attention control, thought control, and working memory capacity.

8.It is thought control . . . an attempt to beat down ideas with a club.

9.All of the songs were previously released with the exception of DFL's " Thought Control ".

10.It smacks of censorship and thought control, offers occasional excuse for hounding people different than ourselves.

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