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tightly coupled इन हिंदी

tightly coupled उदाहरण वाक्य

दृढता युग्मित
tightly:    कस कर ठसाठस
coupled:    युग्मित संयोजित
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.You need a very tightly coupled food web to cause such deaths,

2.The CPU core is tightly coupled to the first VPU, VPU 0.

3.:: : : Fire control tightly couples into the rules of engagement.

4.Tightly coupled systems tend to be much more energy efficient than clusters.

5.But few in Russia or elsewhere understand how tightly coupled they are.

6.It consists of telephony and data tightly coupled on packet-based switched multimedia networks.

7.A FDBS can be categorized as loosely or tightly coupled systems.

8.These were tightly coupled machines and competed in access to the main memory.

9.The MVMD is also more tightly coupled with the LCDU, reducing electrical power requirements.

10.Resonant systems are said to be tightly coupled, loosely coupled, critically coupled or overcoupled.

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