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  • All vacation leave for the province's 22, 000 police has been canceled.
  • Moya was named supervisor of credit unions and went on vacation leave.
  • This officer was given vacation leave at the time of the trial and never testified.
  • Which type of vacation leaves you the most refreshed?
  • Donnelly is a disturbed cop on vacation leave.
  • In the case of a large number of Public Service employees, vacation leave was reduced drastically.
  • On vacation leave, Hackenholt went to Berlin to marry Ilse Zillmer, who was then 29 years old.
  • The family goes on an extended vacation leaving their aunt in the care of a young woman, Sandrine.
  • If his rehabilitation goes well, Linenger will be granted vacation leave about the time his wife gives birth.
  • In the summer of 2011, Teacha Dee embarked on his first European tour during his vacation leave from teaching.
  • The other soldiers were on vacation leave, as they were scheduled to leave the service within the next few days.
  • But after the first attempt to kill Rally fails, Black files a vacation leave and decides to flee the country.
  • Put another way, 50 percent of parents who had paid sick or vacation leaves used them to tend to ill children.
  • Texas employers may place conditions on the use of accrued vacation leave, such as requiring employees to take it during temporary shutdowns.
  • When the entire prison is put into lockdown amid serious racial tension, Whittlesey fears another riot, and decides to take vacation leave.
  • The union also wants sick and vacation leave credits extended from 22 to 29 days and emergency leave credits from 15 to 55 days.
  • Most of the passengers said they had overstayed their vacation leave in Nigeria, and feared they may have lost their jobs back in the United States.
  • The third quarter is usually weak because plant shutdowns for vacations leave the auto companies with less production and fewer sales over which to spread fixed costs.
  • Companies looked for innovative ways of maintaining the work force at a lower level, short of layoffs but reducing the work week, enforcing vacation leaves, encouraging training sabbaticals.
  • Since the county would not approve extra overtime for deputies, LaPaglia canceled all vacation leave for that weekend and will be heavily policing the northern part of the county.
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