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  • The current one-year wage contract expired Sept . 30.
  • Workers and employers in Germany are holding acrimonious wage contract negotiations.
  • When the law changes, the basis for all wage contracts changes,
  • Negotiations on the new wage contract are to begin Monday.
  • And many Democrats and labor leaders are nervous because wage contracts are involved.
  • So are countless wage contracts, as are the federal income tax brackets.
  • The current wage contract runs out Dec . 31.
  • Germany wage contracts are negotiated for entire sectors instead of company by company.
  • In any case, the wage contract is about the employee's worth.
  • IG Metall is seen as setting the standard for wage contracts in other industries.
  • The workers want the government to honor a 1993 wage contract it signed with them.
  • Typically, merchant wage contracts specified seamen s responsibilities while the ship was at port.
  • "We have a wage contract and we're sticking to it,"
  • He said employers planned to form associations that would not be bound by current wage contracts.
  • That contract is separate from the 1996 wage contract that runs until the end of December.
  • Lowe advocated indexation as applied to bonds, but also to wage contracts and land rents.
  • Germany wage contracts are negotiated for entire sectors, by region, instead of company by company.
  • Second, nominal wage cuts would be difficult to put into effect because of laws and wage contracts.
  • In Germany, wage contracts are usually negotiated on the regional level, but coordinated on the national level.
  • "There can be no wage contracts that don't jibe with the economic environment,"
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