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  • MIAMI _ The people who came down from Cleveland wore war paint.
  • After applying war paint, the Yamasee woke the Carolinians and attacked them.
  • -- In one scene, Woody wears red war paint on his face.
  • The Native Americans always wore their best regalia and full war paint.
  • They were dressed in war paint and war costumes during the attack.
  • "It's amazing ! said Jerome Vivie, 27, covered with war paint.
  • They reported spears had been thrown at them by aboriginals in war paint.
  • Titled " War Paint ", it is about Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden.
  • They also paint a mean face on him with war paint.
  • Last night, the president put on war paint and declared war,
  • Still, one wonders if O'Leary will recognize Hovan with all his war paint.
  • They don't dare appear in close-up or without the war paint.
  • They wrote and recorded " War Paint " in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • In May 1994 Landis produced Lorrie Morgan's top 10 album, " War Paint ".
  • A huge B-25 bomber in dusky war paint appeared out of the northern sky.
  • Certainly no one argued with Harkey's casting after seeing him in full war paint.
  • Slapping on war paint before they had a war plan.
  • Game day attire included long floppy top hats in team colors and war paint.
  • You can almost smell the war paint and saddle soap.
  • The tie is just a logical extension of ceremonial beads, tattoos, war paint and scars.
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