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watt governor इन हिंदी

watt governor उदाहरण वाक्य

watt:    वाट वाट
governor:    अध्यक्ष गवर्नर
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Their operation is identical to the Watts governor used to limit the speed of steam and large Diesel engines.

2.Chris Eliasmith wrote a critique of Tim van Gelder's dynamicism and his proposal to replace the Turing machine by the Watt governor as a model of cognition.

3.In his most well-known paper,'What Might Cognition Be If Not Computation,'van Gelder used the Watt Governor as a model to contrast with the Turing Machine.

4.Eliasmith argued that the Turing machine concept is more encompassing and better suited as a guiding metaphor than the Watt governor, because the latter is a concrete machine and the former is a mathematical abstraction representing of a whole class of machines.

5.Gibbs theorized that, analogous to the equilibrium of the simple Watt governor ( which depends on the balancing of two torques : one due to the weight of the " balls " and the other due to their rotation ), thermodynamic equilibrium for any work producing thermodynamic system depends on the balance of two entities.

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