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weather strip इन हिंदी

weather strip उदाहरण वाक्य
मौसम पट्टी
weather:    ऋतु काल दशा मौसम
strip:    कतरन खंड टुकड़ा
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.It is an all-weather strip, with flights to Cairns Monday to Friday.

2.The cabin likely had both interior wall boards and exterior weather strip siding.

3.To construct an all-weather strip, the US 871st Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion was flown in from Nadzab.

4.Adding a thicker weather strip will reduce air flow, but it may also make the window harder to open and close.

5.The all-weather strip was completed by January 1944, at which time the two battalions were joined by a third, the US 875th Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion.

6.Others include the manufacture of weather strips, recycling of aluminium scrap, manufacture of polythelene pipes, steel castings, ductile iron pipes and stainless steel products development and highway construction.

7.Most Americans are encouraged to plug cracks with caulk or weather strips and insulate their homes to stop the loss of heat in winter or cool air in summer.

8.Buy a strip of thin wool pile weather strip at a hardware, home improvement or discount store and install it in the channel where the door slides into the jamb.

9.Coldstream Airport is located approximately 5 km north east in Coldstream which has a sealed, all-weather strip to service the area with recreation, charter and fire bombing flying facilities for the local community.

10.You don't need to close it explicitly, just give it a push ( momentum ) and it continues on its way and when it closes encounters the'padding'of first the lock and then the weather strip-neither too hard nor too soft . Just'snug '.

a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold
पर्याय: weatherstrip, weather stripping, weatherstripping,

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