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  • A technician may also wear antistatic garments or an antistatic wrist strap
  • The handle is topped by a knob, and have a wrist strap.
  • On December 15, 2006, Nintendo denied reports of a Wii wrist strap recall.
  • The lock clip wrist strap is now included with all new Wii Remotes.
  • On August 3, 2007, a new wrist strap was discovered to be in circulation.
  • Some brands of grips include soft, removable pads that fit under the wrist straps.
  • Another product, called Acu-Band, has an adjustable wrist strap.
  • -The wrist straps are tighter than usual.
  • This is a plastic pad, connected to the unit's wrist strap, that slips over the player's thumb.
  • On December 15, 2006, Nintendo announced it would offer to replace wrist straps for 3.2 million Wii controllers.
  • Wrist straps make hands-free use possible.
  • ;Wrist straps : Wrist straps ( lifting straps ) are sometimes used to assist in gripping very heavy weights.
  • ;Wrist straps : Wrist straps ( lifting straps ) are sometimes used to assist in gripping very heavy weights.
  • The wrist strap is usually worn on the nondominant hand ( the left wrist for a right-handed person ).
  • Some lifters avoid using wrist straps to develop their grip strength, just as some go further by using thick bars.
  • It may be necessary to use a wrist strap to prevent loose gloves pulling off the hands when filled with air.
  • This was typically cut down to an length and a web loop ( wrist strap ) attached near the top end.
  • Then there is her brown satin ball that dangles from a wrist strap on her arm and her little black Chanel.
  • In addition to wrist straps, ankle and heel straps are used in industry to bleed away accumulated charge from a body.
  • This variant is in reference to the antistatic protective device, such as an antistatic wrist strap, rather than the component being protected.
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