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  • They also developed highly accurate pocket and wrist watches during this period.
  • The careful viewer will also notice some slave extras wearing wrist watches.
  • Fake products from wrist watches to pharmaceuticals are rife in China's markets.
  • The time was estimated from one of the crew members wrist watch.
  • A Popeye memorabilia store selling Betty Boop pencils and wrist watches?
  • :The power drain of a wrist watch is minuscule compared to a smartphone.
  • One day a beggar steals Chandran s wrist watch through an open window.
  • The company even produced a digital wrist watch, Ref . 3414.
  • We also decided on wrist watches ( $ 9 . 95 each ).
  • Gather together a dozen or so people that have wrist watches.
  • Metal wrist watches manage to mesh with career, and sporty attire.
  • By 1951 the production of wrist watches increases to 1.1 million.
  • We also decided on wrist watches ( $ 9.95 each ).
  • This method is however impractical for consumer quartz clock and wrist watch movements.
  • Her mobile phone, handbag, wallet and wrist watch were not found.
  • Illinois Watch Company had four basic " periods " of wrist watch production.
  • Delic appeared unmoved by Antic's testimony, even smiling once and checking his wrist watch.
  • The types of watches available include wrist watches, pocket watches, and watch key chains.
  • Lock up the silverware and the wrist watches, sports fans.
  • Delic appeared unmoved by Antic's testimony even smiling once and checking his wrist watch.
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