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  • Would the carpers and critics of the crown prefer Yankee imperialism?
  • The flag of Latin American solidarity against Yankee imperialism is furled.
  • Clinton said, " nor is it Yankee imperialism ."
  • The very idea stirred the fury of Dominican nationalism and fears of Yankee imperialism.
  • And even then they could blame it on Doug Melvin, or Yankee imperialism.
  • Others chanted an old standby : " Down with Yankee imperialism !"
  • Others chanted an old standby, " Down with Yankee imperialism !"
  • Bombs go off occasionally at the local USO and newspaper editorials rail about Yankee imperialism.
  • Clinton said . " This is not Vietnam, neither is it Yankee imperialism.
  • Economic stagnation and local resentment of " Yankee imperialism " can result, they warn.
  • In an interview for the New York magazine story titled " Yankee Imperialism,"
  • Yankee Imperialism Absorbs the Legendary Isles.
  • Clinton said . " This is not Vietnam, neither is it Yankee imperialism ."
  • "Say no to Yankee imperialism and no to free trade, " read one.
  • Now, and not without reason, it is an international byword for Yankee imperialism and sadism.
  • "Down with Yankee imperialism ! " shouted one boy from the podium at the rally.
  • Notimex quoted a Mexico City Police spokesman as saying that Flores was protesting " Yankee imperialism ."
  • She still attributes most of Mexico's troubles to the influence of the right, the church and Yankee imperialism.
  • "This is not Vietnam, " he thunders, " neither is it Yankee imperialism ."
  • For decades, Mexican leaders used that relationship to burnish their self-image of defying " Yankee imperialism ."
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