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  • Next month he will teach prosecutors how to go after abusers.
  • Some 45 million smokers would find themselves classified as drug abusers.
  • Whites, meanwhile, are devil worshipers and food stamp abusers.
  • Brendan Meehan was 22 and a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser.
  • "She's not a substance abuser,"
  • Abusers also get that high by sniffing cans of spray paint.
  • They are not chronic abusers ( of the welfare system ).
  • She did not intend for accused abusers to relate to him.
  • What happens when animal abusers run out of pets to attack?
  • Abusers often succeed after repeated attempts at rehabilitation, he noted.
  • One boy attempted suicide and several became drug and alcohol abusers.
  • Repeated abuse drives some women to assault or kill their abusers.
  • Hmm, Abuser _ that program is nearly two years old,
  • Athletes were found to be the greatest abusers of any group.
  • These people are among the worst animal abusers on the planet.
  • Don't the cops have some wattage abusers to bust?
  • But abusers quickly learned that crushing the pill disarmed that feature.
  • "Your soldiers are oppressors and abusers and thieves and looters.
  • Rawlings told reporters he is not a human-rights abuser.
  • He said foreign pedophiles are not the only child sex abusers.
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