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aggrieve इन हिंदी

aggrieve उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.By the same token, he understands why Neely feels aggrieved.

2.Some years the juxtaposition is very painful for the aggrieved party.

3.Imus gets enormous coverage and Clinton looks like an aggrieved party.

4.What is gospel to one person is bias to the aggrieved.

5.The top people there are quite aggrieved with previous Globe coverage.

6.Playing Globocop feeds the urge of aggrieved groups to strike back.

7.And no one charts the aggrieved heart with such bittersweet candor.

8.Not surprisingly, many of the aggrieved coaches are for it.

9.They would have to know the entire world of aggrieved Muslims.

10.At 46, Skeen possesses the righteousness of the aggrieved parent.

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cause to feel sorrow; "his behavior grieves his mother"
पर्याय: grieve,

infringe on the rights of

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