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  • The bomb-aimer was located within the aircraft's nose.
  • This further reduced the time the bomb aimer had to adjust the path.
  • The opening theme was by Sasanomaly and the ending theme was by Aimer.
  • The ending theme song is, composed by Kanno and performed by Aimer.
  • The navigator / bomb aimer, was killed.
  • Another difference between the two prototypes were the arrangements for the bomb-aimer.
  • The bomb aimer position was in the nose with a gun turret located directly above.
  • For episode 11, the ending theme is " Through My Blood " by Aimer.
  • The pilot was seated on the left and the navigator / bomb aimer on the right.
  • He undertook war service in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve becoming a bomb-aimer.
  • Isabelle was still included in the music videos of the two songs, Verone and Aimer.
  • On May 11, 2012, Aimer released a digital single called " Hoshikuzu Venus ".
  • Vassili released " Laisse-moi t'aimer " as a music video as well.
  • XIV, allowed the bomb aimer to rotate it up or down to cover the target.
  • "' Sleepless Nights "'is the first studio album released by Aimer.
  • The bomb aimer occupied a streamlined perspex nose, with a single hand-held machine gun.
  • In 2013, " Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes " won the prix M�dicis.
  • Thurston's 1978 album " Aimer d'Amour " was certified triple platinum.
  • Unable to speak, Flight Sergeant Aaron urged the bomb aimer by signs to take over the controls.
  • To aid the navigator, the bomb aimer has the task of operating the H2S during these periods.
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