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  • It was amplifying on its earnings statement at the news conference.
  • He talked loudly, even though there was an amplifying system,
  • A Helmholtz resonator is unusually selective in amplifying only one frequency.
  • The main use of AMPs in the network is amplifying content.
  • Bennett as the prime suspect, amplifying racial tensions in the city.
  • Simply amplifying everything wouldn't do much good, Ator said.
  • We think that inosine is amplifying that type of growth.
  • Levels of play other amplifying roles in glycolysis in hepatocytes.
  • They particularly focus on amplifying the voices of poor and marginalised people.
  • Together, this coupled neuroimmune response has an amplifying effect on inflammation.
  • She then begins amplifying, forcing Shaun to execute her.
  • Hewson then wrote an article for spiked amplifying her views.
  • Amplifying these problems is the ever-present shortage of land in Japan.
  • There are three versions of light-amplifying night-vision technology available.
  • You could call this a creativity-amplifying machine.
  • Globalization and technology are amplifying the impact of outsourcing.
  • Thus, VCSOAs can be seen as amplifying filters.
  • The Pope said that amplifying disinformation instead of educating society constituted a sin.
  • At first, most Israeli media covered the protests extensively thereby amplifying them.
  • They conclude that melting and evaporation processes are important in amplifying tropical cyclones.
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