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  • "It's very well known and highly associative.
  • In mathematics, addition and multiplication of real numbers is associative.
  • This is not so obvious because xor is commutative and associative.
  • Any algebra whose elements are idempotent is also power-associative.
  • String concatenation is an associative, but non-commutative operation.
  • Aggregate data types are arrays, sets, and associative tables.
  • Unlike the ordinary quaternions, the hyperbolic quaternions are not associative.
  • Indeed, the classical Boolean conjunction is both commutative and associative.
  • The property relatedMatch makes a simple associative relationship between two concepts.
  • Sometimes, it is not assumed that the multiplication is associative.
  • The second phase is associative which takes place in the brain.
  • The first difficulty occurs with associative operations like addition and multiplication.
  • But there the process must stop, because is not associative.
  • The C + + Standard Library defines four associative container classes.
  • As a thinker, Thomson has always been rather free-associative.
  • There the associative law is replaced by the Jacobi identity.
  • They also form a commutative unital associative algebra over the complex numbers.
  • The comitative case is often confused with the associative case.
  • This means that the subalgebra generated by any two elements is associative.
  • The knot sum of oriented knots is commutative and associative.
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