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  • On paper, it all sounds like an attractively unconventional package.
  • The only thing framed more attractively than Banderas is the artillery.
  • I can find a lot of stocks that are attractively priced.
  • "It's an attractively priced issue ."
  • There are a number of options that can be used attractively.
  • They want to find works of art that are attractively priced.
  • I wanted to collect the past, and rearrange it attractively.
  • Whatever you decide to serve, present it colorfully and attractively.
  • Product placement is a very attractively priced way to do that,
  • Those who outlived him seem to regard his end as attractively melancholy.
  • We think retail stocks are attractively priced at these levels,
  • Both are seen as attractively priced following a six-week slide.
  • Dynex is attractively priced and has been one of our best performers,
  • He said chemical shares are among the most attractively priced.
  • It's attractively tart and, appropriately, a touch mysterious.
  • Attractively priced coupon repairs provide minimal profit for the shop.
  • The attractively packaged hardcovers sell for $ 19.95.
  • It features a selection of " attractively priced"
  • Our balcony overlooks the attractively designed pool complex and the gulf beyond.
  • This will give a bead of caulk that fills the joint attractively.
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