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baboo उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1."Suprabhatha " is another major success of Dinesh Baboo.

2.Baboo's birthplace was given as the Planet of the Pongies.

3.It can be assumed that Baboo met the same fate as Squatt.

4.According to Squatt and Baboo, Scorpina did horrible things.

5.At the end of 2009 Baboo posted a turnover of 73 million Swiss francs.

6.The background score was composed by Rajamani and the cinematography was by Dinesh Baboo.

7.They often collaborate with other musicians, such as Sweet Baboo, during live shows.

8.Thus, instead of calling NASA, Anderson called his friend Chirinjeev " Baboo"

9.Sweet Baboo has performed extensively at festivals such as Islet, and collaborated with Gruff Rhys.

10.Kishva Ambigapathy is the only son of Professor Ambigapathy Pandian and Dr . Shanthi Balraj Baboo.

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used as a Hindi courtesy title; equivalent to English `Mr''
पर्याय: babu,

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