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  • The Act also limited the brokerage fees that credit brokers can charge.
  • He proposed raising brokerage fees, to raise the cost of trading stocks.
  • Internet trading prices can be way below full-service or discount brokerage fees.
  • He only wanted to match-make and perhaps charge some brokerage fees.
  • The $ 16 . 7 billion included brokerage fees to trade stocks online.
  • If the securities houses depend solely on brokerage fees, they will go bankrupt.
  • The Reebok trades cost him $ 1, 400, plus brokerage fees.
  • The $ 16.7 billion included brokerage fees to trade stocks online.
  • Those prices include brokerage fees and other charges not returned to the growers.
  • Just as an example, let's assume the brokerage fee was $ 30 each time.
  • Nearly all impose brokerage fees when participants sell stock.
  • In contrast to city rentals, however, it is the owner who pays the brokerage fee.
  • You get a 10 percent discount on brokerage fees.
  • Total earnings from brokerage fees increased by 10.7 per cent to RM120 million in 1996.
  • The naked put generally requires less in brokerage fees and commissions than the covered call.
  • And full-service brokerage fees can be negotiated as well.
  • Then there are logistics : administering millions of accounts and paying millions of brokerage fees.
  • Generally, mutual funds obtained directly from the fund company itself do not charge a brokerage fee.
  • More than 500 teachers were helped to find places, and they were charged no brokerage fees.
  • It promises to distribute the proceeds to investors after taking a brokerage fee, usually 4 percent.
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