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  • When he rang the buzzer again, Simpson answered almost immediately.
  • Make that two buzzer-beaters this week for Jerry West.
  • The buzzer sounds as the ball drifts lazily toward the rim.
  • But Campbell missed an open 12-footer at the buzzer.
  • Its biggest lead was 36, shortly before the final buzzer.
  • Hamilton said, " the buzzer already sounded ."
  • I didn't need any flutes or buzzers or balloons.
  • And when the buzzer sounded, it was time to celebrate.
  • Last year, it was Ahlon Lewis missing at the buzzer.
  • And then the buzzer sounded and we were down by 2.
  • Converse Inc . has told Dennis Rodman the buzzer has sounded.
  • We have come to expect buzzer-beaters in the NCAAs.
  • Ewing caught the miss and hugged it until the buzzer sounded.
  • At the final buzzer, Stringer was mobbed by her players.
  • However, the Cotton Bowl beat it to the final buzzer.
  • TV replays indicated Leatherman's shot came after the buzzer.
  • Reed took it, and it went in at the buzzer.
  • Harper didn't draw iron on shot at the buzzer.
  • The buzzer sounds in Rink 2 at the Valley Sports Arena.
  • Three of those were theirs to win approaching the final buzzer.
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