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charcoal grey इन हिंदी

charcoal grey उदाहरण वाक्य
गहरा स्लेटी
charcoal:    लकड़ी का कोयला
grey:    ग्रे भूरा घोड़ा
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The juveniles are quite different, with charcoal grey upperparts and chestnut brown lowerparts.

2.Some colors are unique to 2006 : silver and charcoal grey.

3.Males develop a charcoal grey colouration and are highly hydroids and polychaete worms.

4.The yellow and charcoal grey have become standard BWBF set colours.

5.Fox's Chip Caray wore a charcoal grey suit to accent his brown pancake makeup.

6.The head in older females has a charcoal grey cap.

7.Some have been refurbished by TasRail receiving its new charcoal grey and yellow livery.

8.The forewings are charcoal grey with pale yellowish lines.

9.He wears a light blue shirt with an open collar and a charcoal grey jacket.

10.Healthy Haibane wings are charcoal grey rather than white, and are too small to be functional.

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