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charcoaling इन हिंदी

charcoaling उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.It is threatened by habitat loss associated with agricultural activities, logging and charcoaling, as well as mining and infrastructure development.

2.It is threatened by habitat loss, primarily caused by logging ( for charcoaling ) and slash-and-burn agriculture.

3.However, by the early 20th century, after agricultural interests shifted west and charcoaling became unprofitable, rural New England became largely forested again.

4.Nagakuni found his new domain in dire financial straits, and made efforts to avoid bankruptcy through establishment of domain monopolies on whaling and charcoaling.

5.It is moderately common in suitable habitat, but threatened by extreme habitat loss caused by charcoaling and small-scale agriculture; only pockets of suitable habitat remain.

6.The colliers lived in crude huts placed near the group of hearths being " coaled . " Because of these rough living conditions, charcoaling took place during the milder seasons of the year.

7.Although the hearths have been inactive for over 100 years, most of them remain fairly free of vegetation due to changes in soil caused by the charcoaling process . ( 1.6 miles, easy to moderate)

8.Among the topics under review between George Karl and Sonic man-agement was the content of his media statements; specifically, his habit of not only shooting himself in the foot, but charcoaling himself in a way that resembles Wile E . Coyote after his Acme jet pack backfired.

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