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civetone इन हिंदी

civetone उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Today, civetone can be synthesized from precursor chemicals found in palm oil.

2.It is believed that the civetone in the cologne resembles a territorial marking.

3.Civetone is closely related to muscone, the principal odoriferous compound found in musk.

4."' Civetone "'is a macrocyclic ketone and the main odorous constituent of civet.

5.Several related derivatives are also important in the fragrance industry, especially those with alkene group in the backbone such as civetone, muscone, and velvione ( 5-cyclohexadecenone ).

6.Macrocyclic lactones ( cyclopentadecanolide, 15-pentadec-11 / 12-enolide ) have odors similar to macrocyclic ketones of animal origin ( muscone, civetone ), but they can be prepared more easily, for example, by depolymerization of the corresponding linear polyesters.

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