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  • Raba was a major truck manufacturer, supplying the COMECON countries.
  • This accord marked Comecon's official recognition of the EEC.
  • "We have no intention to build another Comecon,"
  • The two economies once were linked in the Soviet Comecon trading bloc.
  • July 1972 _ Cuba joins Comecon, Soviet-led economic bloc.
  • Despite continued pressure from the Soviets to join COMECON, Vietnam declined.
  • International barter helped preserve the Comecon countries'scarce hard currency reserves.
  • Comecon had no supranational authority to make decisions or to implement them.
  • Comecon sought to attract the participation of developing countries in its activities.
  • In June 1956 Ochab attended a Comecon gathering of leaders in Moscow.
  • Since 1949 the Soviet Union has traded primarily with other Comecon members.
  • Albanians no longer took part in Warsaw Pact activities or Comecon agreements.
  • Geography, therefore, no longer united Comecon members.
  • It coordinated the national economic plans of Comecon members.
  • Comecon joined together 450 million people in 10 countries and on 3 continents.
  • The three underdeveloped Comecon members had a special relationship with the other seven.
  • In 1973 Comecon decided to draw up a general plan incorporating these measures.
  • In the 1980s, Comecon sessions were held on their regular annual schedule.
  • Delegations from each Comecon member country attended these meetings.
  • Since 1985 Gorbachev has called for an increase in trade with Comecon members.
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