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  • His poetic work was academically evaluated by the Croatian comparatist Helena Peri i.
  • As a comparatist, Wittmann contributed to the study of the Amerindian ( Arawakan, Cariban ).
  • At Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bloomington, Ben-Amos was trained in the comparatist tradition.
  • A linguist and comparatist, she taught at Indiana University Bloomington, marrying Anglicist Kenneth R . Johnston.
  • Such a sustained attack, equated by comparatist Nicolae Balot with " a holocaust of poetry ", nevertheless impressed Lovinescu.
  • Davidescu sees Demetriade and most other Romanian Symbolists as in reality Parnassians; this verdict was partly shared by comparatist Adrian Marino.
  • His research was consistently interdisciplinary, combining ethnography, folklore and dialectology, and analyzing phenomena from comparatist, Romance and Balkan perspectives.
  • "' Charles D�d�yan "'( 4 April 1910  21 June 2003 ) was a French literature comparatist and specialist of French literature of Armenian origin.
  • "' Glenn Warren Most "'( born June 12, 1952, Miami ) is an comparatist originating from the US, but also working in Germany and Italy.
  • The institute was founded in September 2008 by the comparatist Jan M . Smits ( professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law ) and Monica Claes ( professor of Comparative Constitutional Law ).
  • He built the Museums of Europe Network, founding the review of comparatist history " Comparare " with Jacques Le Goff, Eric Hobsbawm, Carlo Ginzburg, Rudolf von Thadden, Bronislaw Geremek.
  • At Tsinghua, Qian earned the admiration of many prominent scholars, but rarely socialized and was considered arrogant by his peers; one of his few friends was the budding Sinologist and comparatist Achilles Fang.
  • A comparatist by training, he specializes in these topics and in Balkan literatures and history, poetics, and theories of translation; he publishes translations of Hebrew and Bosnian, as well as his own poetry.
  • In addition to his early childhood memories, which, according to Sndulescu, include a " micro-monograph " of comparatist of his time ", and recalling the stir he had caused after questioning Mihail Dragomirescu's dogmatic opinions.
  • According tot comparatist Luiza Marinescu, her subsequent work should be regarded as fitting in with the Romanian tradition of " descriptive romantic literature " ( Alexandru Odobescu, Alexandru Vlahu, Calistrat Hoga, Nicolae Iorga ), but also as informing the German public about " Romanian specificity ".
  • "Zmeura de c�mpie ", " Tratament fabulatoriu " and the new short prose grouping " ^ i ieri va fi o zi " ( " And Yesterday Will Be Another Day " ), published in 1984, 1986 and 1989 respectively, First issued in 1990, " Femeia �n ro _ u " was co-written with comparatist Adriana Babeci.
  • The animals themselves behave as he they supposed to, changing their behavior for the benefit of the plot : " the extraordinary horse will not be able to prevent getting lost in the forest " and " is not able to prevent the Bald Man's ruse ", but " he will lead [ the prince ], without straying, to Holy Sunday's house " and " shall become the one to kill [ the Bald Man ] . " In the view of comparatist Liliana Vernic, these items represent several aspects of the universe.
  • Medievalist, Dante scholar, comparatist, interested in ancient myth as well as modern literatures, Boitani has published, amongst others, the following volumes : Prosatori Negri Americani del Novecento ( Storia e Letteratura, 1973 ); Chaucer and Boccaccio ( Medium Aevum, 1977 ); English Medieval Narrative of the 13th and 14th centuries ( Cambridge UP 1982 ); Chaucer and the Imaginary World of Fame ( Brewer 1984 ); The Tragic and the Sublime in Medieval Literature ( Cambridge UP 1989 ); La letteratura del Medioevo inglese ( Nuova Italia Scientifica, 1991 ); The Shadow of Ulysses.
  • Dr . Brulotte has also published around 300 articles and book reviews, which appeared as chapters of books or in periodicals, in such international volumes and journals as " Po�tique, Revue des Sciences Humaines, Revue des Deux Mondes, L'Arc, Travaux de litt�rature, Revue d'esth�tique, M�dium ", " Atelier du Roman " ( France ); " Stanford French and Italian Studies, The French Review, Sites, The Comparatist, Etudes francophones, Nouvelles �tudes francophones " ( USA ); " Etudes Litt�raires, Libert? XYZ, Nuit Blanche, Les Ecrits, " " The University of Toronto Quarterly " ( Canada ); " Dialogues francophones " ( Romania ); " Paragraph " ( England ), to name a few.

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