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  • Lovely, sadly consumptive maidens expired exquisitely in my arms.
  • Instead capital flows were squandered in consumption and consumptive investments.
  • They come with reasonable wealth and high consumptive power.
  • Children are like consumptive items, like a Jaguar.
  • The annual crop consumptive use of water is about.
  • Thomas Blackwell died of a consumptive illness in Edinburgh on 6 March 1757.
  • They had the appearance of half-starved consumptives.
  • Most of the statistics gathered on consumptive spending is " per household ".
  • The town was described as " a veritable Eden for consumptive invalids ".
  • He had the gauntiness [ sic ] in feature of a wasted consumptive.
  • Houses on the Old North End had large sleeping porches for consumptive boarders.
  • But instead of going merry and festive, the lighting has a consumptive pallor.
  • Most consumptive conditions lead to platelet activation, and some are associated with thrombosis.
  • Bessy is consumptive from inhalation of cotton dust and she eventually dies from it.
  • The story is about how domestic peace was better than a glamorously consumptive lifestyle.
  • The consumptive Margaret seeks treatment at a sanatorium.
  • Total consumptive groundwater use for irrigation is estimated as 545 km 3 / year.
  • In this way Galton created portraits of Jews, consumptives, healthy people and criminals.
  • The total water used in an agricultural field includes runoff, drainage and consumptive use.
  • In fact she was consumptive and died soon after arrival in Scotland in July 1537.
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