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  • Such surfaces have varied effects on the contact angles of wetting liquids.
  • ? is the Young contact angle as defined for an ideal surface.
  • The hydrophobicity of a surface can be measured by its contact angle.
  • The higher the contact angle the higher the hydrophobicity of a surface.
  • The contact angle between a liquid and electrode can be described as:
  • The contact angle condition on the surface S is normally written as:
  • These varying thermodynamically stable contact angles are known as metastable states.
  • Another special case is where the contact angle is exactly 180?
  • By stretching a dip-coated commercial fabric, contact angles were typically allowed to increase.
  • The contact angle on a flat surface can be determined with a microscope.
  • The radius of the droplet varies with the contact angle as:
  • Such alterations, if slow, can also produce measurably time-dependent contact angles.
  • A maximum desorption energy peak is observed at a contact angle of 90?
  • A "'wetting transition "'corresponds to a certain change in contact angle.
  • The contact angle is determined by the result between adhesive and cohesive forces.
  • Even in such a smooth surface a drop will assume contact angle hysteresis.
  • When the contact angle is less than 180? the thickness is given by:
  • This approach assumes that the lower contact angle corresponds to a higher surface energy.
  • Contact angle hysteresis is a phenomenon that characterizes surface heterogeneity.
  • Thus, the contact angle provides an inverse measure of wettability.
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