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  • Phone calls to champion snail darters on bagels with cream cheese.
  • Darter vocalizations include a clicking or rattling when flying or perching.
  • The darters pair bond monogamously at least for a breeding season.
  • He achieved the 9-Darter in the Scottish open 2011.
  • One notable example is the Fountain Darter ( Etheostoma fonticola ).
  • The life span of the tangerine darter is about four years.
  • The Bayou darter eats insects and their larvae, including mayflies.
  • They then began to discuss Darter's murder with him.
  • The lollipop darter eats larvae, insects, and small crayfish.
  • Large darters are susceptible to internal parasitism by flukes and nematodes.
  • The reproductive season of the gilt darter is in the spring.
  • In Virginia, gilt darters were reported to spawn in May.
  • Larger adults will eat small fish such as the johnny darter.
  • Babbitt spoke of spotted owls, snail darters, salmon and loggers.
  • He's a darter and makes the tacklers miss.
  • The rice provides habitat for the fountain darter, an endangered fish.
  • The maximum possible lifespan of darters seems to be about sixteen years.
  • The wetlands feature several osprey nests, spoonbill and darters.
  • The lifespan of the snail darter ranges between 2 and 4 years.
  • A declining groundwater table has eliminated darter breeding sites in some areas.
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