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  • It's a sort of Darwinian approach to sibling rivalry.
  • Because there was no competition, no Darwinian fight for survival,
  • Burnett acknowledged that the American version will be far more Darwinian.
  • Presidential politics is a Darwinian struggle, a test of toughness.
  • And this Darwinian backdrop heightens the peculiarities of the creative life.
  • Venice is an ideal setting for examining architecture in Darwinian terms.
  • Freed from the shackles of sexual reproduction, Darwinian competitiveness vanishes.
  • In this Darwinian sense, dogs are more successful than tigers.
  • And what about us Darwinian fish-walkers in the parks?
  • Spammers, it seems, have a Darwinian ability to evolve.
  • "It's Darwinian, " he said.
  • This account of events became an instant hit with Darwinian advocates.
  • The vote removed questions on the Darwinian theory from state assessments.
  • Many biologists argue Darwinian evolution provides a good definition of life.
  • And he compares free will to Darwinian evolution and natural selection:
  • Amidst the Darwinian revolution, she had her pupils learn geology.
  • By 1982, Botting had accepted Darwinian evolution as indisputable fact.
  • It has been described as Darwinian rather than Lamarckian conceptual evolution.
  • Reinheimer was a critic of Darwinian view of struggle for existence.
  • But such decisions are more often made in a perversely Darwinian way.
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