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  • But for ultra-secret data, there's always the ultimate file deletion method _ total destruction.
  • EXperimental Deletion method "'XD3 "'applies to article page deletion.
  • It has a bearing if it is an example of the randomness of your deletion method.
  • Have you found ways to deal with undesirable content " apart " from the various deletion methods?
  • As for articles nominated for one of the three deletion methods, I guess it's a matter of opinion.
  • In MacWeek magazine, a Microsoft spokesperson acknowledged the problem and stated that the bug rises from the file-deletion methods used by Macintosh operating system.
  • Kind of confused about the difference between the two deletion methods, by the way, since they both seem to go through the same 7-day process.
  • The longer a page remains unmolested, presumably the less potentially questionable its content-- the nastiest garbage gets moved out the fastest ( by whatever deletion method then in use ).
  • I'm going to put it up for deletion once I figure out which deletion method is appropriate and add a disambiguation page for Wireless Intelligent Network and Win ( baseball ).
  • Apart from the article needing cleanup ( which AfD is not a mechanism for, since the problems are resolvable by non-deletion methods; I suggest nominator review Talk to me 23 : 03, 22 April 2008 ( UTC)
  • They are likely a reaction to two distinct phenomena which are directly related : the growth of the Wikipedia ( and the consequent need for faster deletion methods ) and the recent wave of negative reactions against admins ( which seem to be backed up solely by the claim that " admins are evil " ).
  • In my case, the two editors ( or one sock puppet editor ) who are apparently either members of a particular fake folkish Heathen group, or in accordance with its aims, have hit upon the deletion method of silencing any traditional perspective or any European-led Heathen groups while promoting the efforts of fake folkish Jewish controlled Heathen groups.

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