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  • His works include El progreso, Safo en el templo de Delfos and Nativa con loro.
  • The organiser of the conference and founder of ELIA, Carla Delfos, is the organization's Executive Director.
  • In 2000, while Bueno's popularity was soaring in Buenos Aires, consulting agency Delfos found that among people in C�rdoba, 72 % preferred the music of " La Mona " Jim�nez while 15 % preferred Bueno.
  • The special guest of the forum was Josep Curto, CEO at Delfos Research and professor at IE Business School Madrid, which is ranked by the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes as being among the top three business schools in Europe.
  • He first attended the private institution Delfos followed by the Hogere Burgerschool ( high school ) in Rotterdam, before continuing his education in Germany, at the " Hohe Real Schule " in Frankfurt-am-Main, to specialise in trade and business.
  • Prospect Park, Reefscape, Day Or Night, and Ange Gardien were again in opposition, whilst the other leading contenders included the British-trained Day Flight, the Prix Hocquart winner Lord du Sud, Delfos ( Prix La Force ), and Valixir ( Prix Matchem ).
  • He led from the start, went clear of his rivals in the last 300 metres and won " easily " by three lengths from the Prix La Force winner Delfos with the British challengers Hazyview ( Newmarket Stakes ) and African Dream ( Dee Stakes ) in third and fourth.

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