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  • The company said the waste contained only minute amounts of dioxin.
  • We may or may not need dioxin to drive the decision,
  • Found in most plastics, the chemical forms dioxin when incinerated.
  • We know that dioxins will be coming out of this plant.
  • Dioxins are chemical by-products of industrial processes using chlorine.
  • Their engines will dump cancer-causing dioxin into the ocean.
  • Dioxin, a carcinogen, is produced during its manufacturing process.
  • Once absorbed by animals, dioxins are trapped in fatty tissues.
  • The government plans to implement measures against dioxin emissions in December.
  • Japan lags far behind other industrialized nations in curbing dioxin emissions.
  • Steenland said that dioxin seemed to cause all types of cancer.
  • The contamination apparently was caused by dioxin-laced animal feed.
  • Auto emissions are the largest source of dioxin, he said.
  • Dioxin released in the Midwest tends to end up farther west.
  • Limited sampling shows dioxin generally did not accumulate in the soil.
  • Left unproven is how the dioxin worked its way into humans.
  • This is 8.8 percent of the dioxin in Europe.
  • He was also to discover that highly toxic dioxins were there.
  • In September 2004, Yushchenko suffered dioxin poisoning under mysterious circumstances.
  • Another fire was documented in 1987 releasing high levels of dioxins.
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