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  • Domestic holdings are mostly in health care, oil and computers.
  • Violence between dating couples differs significantly from domestic violence between adults.
  • What of the rest of the president's domestic agenda?
  • Why, then, are the domestic rose growers trying again?
  • We have a lot of domestic problems that need creative answers,
  • The detergent business is the weak spot in their domestic operations.
  • Officials here did not disguise their desire for domestic political gain.
  • The Carter dollar was a victim of serious domestic economic turbulence.
  • Taxes did go up, and domestic spending was effectively capped.
  • Wheat futures declined amid a lack of domestic and export demand.
  • What if Socks the First Cat files a domestic abuse suit?
  • But highest on her agenda is the issue of domestic violence.
  • New sources of domestic crude could help keep gasoline prices reasonable.
  • On the domestic side there is a similar sense of emptiness.
  • Such huge deficits will guzzle domestic credit, starving private borrowers.
  • To a hungry wolf, the domestic herds were easy pickings.
  • There are about 35 domestic yacht builders scattered throughout the country.
  • -- Domestic help is a source of annoyance and anxiety.
  • Rated : R-- language, adult situations, domestic violence
  • Domestic credit expansion was aimed at making Mexican voters feel better.
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