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  • We observed 194 homosexual interactions in 39 same-sex dyads.
  • According to dyads, but fails to account for larger groups.
  • Mann and Weil now operate a publishing company named Dyad Music.
  • Syrianus describes the monad as masculine and the dyad as feminine.
  • A Framework for Incorporating Dyads in Models of HIV-Prevention.
  • I have forceful views on the great opinion dyads of our time.
  • In Rome, the plebeians were insistent about the dyad of consuls.
  • He killed Jarac by entering the Dyad, almost destroying the psiberweb.
  • LMX is evolving into a theory that crosses dyad-group levels.
  • C E belongs to a family of symmetrically related dyads as follows :"
  • ;Mania : Etruscan infernal deity, one of a dyad including Mantus.
  • Personality or personality traits also affect intimacy or immediacy within a dyad relationship.
  • All Being rests upon the action of the One upon the Indefinite Dyad.
  • Dyad means " pair . ")
  • Democratic dyads have a 55 % reduced chance.
  • This measure is employed in research and clinical interventions with parent-child dyads.
  • The " dyad " referred to must eventually be the parent-child dyad.
  • The " dyad " referred to must eventually be the parent-child dyad.
  • For instance, speech begins with talk among people in small groups and dyads.
  • A dyad consists of two conflicting primary parties.
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