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earthborn उदाहरण वाक्य
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उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Here Orion is described as earthborn and enormous in stature.

2.When he does, he finds Orion; this explains why Orion is earthborn.

3.Later the term " gegeneis " ( " earthborn " ) became a common epithet of the Giants.

4.He is as noble as he is taciturn, rebellious, stoically fighting against totalitarian regimes, whether they be earthborn or alien.

5.The practice in ancient Greece of describing legendary heroes and men of ancient lineage as " earthborn " greatly strengthened the doctrine of autochthony.

6.Also, Asimov's own claustrophilia informs his picture of the Martians, who can withstand isolation and lack of space much better than Earthborn humans.

7.Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells are captured during the initial exchange, but another faction of Earthborns defeat and capture Rhodes before he can execute Bellamy.

8.His young adult science fiction novel trade books, " The Earthborn " and " The Skyborn ", were published by Penguin Australia.

9.These monsters are exclusively used as heavy warbeasts and include the Dire Troll Mauler, Blitzer, and Earthborn, which is also the Trollkin's Alpha Warbeast.

10.The reduced crew on the original ship could be supported by the ship's systems, and the Earthborn crew would no longer need the original ship for the return voyage.

connected with earthly life; of earthly origin; "earthborn cares and pleasures"

springing from or born on the earth; "earthborn beings"

of earthly origin (as mortals are); "earthborn existence"