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  • Behind such frippery, however, lies a very serious business.
  • But unlike that first car, this one shuns most of the fripperies.
  • Tuesday night's story needs no television frippery.
  • You know the kind of loquacious frippery I mean.
  • To her, a hat is not frippery but a source of happiness.
  • No matter what frippery the movie puts her through, she is radiant.
  • Fashion leads to westernization, and westernization leads to frippery civilization said Vivekanda.
  • This isn't frippery, she stressed.
  • One certainly wishes that Palin's pauses for comic frippery were more inspired.
  • "We are not here for fripperies, " the bishop thunders.
  • Above the balcony level is an amazingly well preserved shell of Louis XVI frippery.
  • Let's not agonise over these fripperies.
  • Long would not fall for such frippery.
  • But the frippery of the Claskys'bourgeois life is too strong for Cristina to resist.
  • But the specter of tax dollars funding this kind of public-relations frippery provoked appropriate outrage.
  • At the pivot point of the new century, ornamentation and frippery are the style du jour.
  • Today's wedding cakes echo the clean lines and lack of frippery of the popular designer.
  • Fripperies that seemed obscene during the early'90s recession are quite modest by the standards of 1999.
  • And Ferguson herself likewise avoids the showboating vocal frippery by which some contestants aim to brandish their technique ."
  • Despite her minks and social fripperies, Marie Harriman had an earthy sense of humor and blue-collar bluntness.
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