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  • The hammering sun brought perspiration to the men's faces.
  • You've got to just keep hammering away ."
  • There was noise from hammering and the running of heavy machinery.
  • MVP ! " after hammering his 38th home run Friday.
  • Negotiators also were hammering out the fine print regarding outside contractors.
  • In a slashing, hammering performance, Bronfman takes no prisoners.
  • Many locals loathed " Hammering Man " at first.
  • So why has Bernard Sosnick been hammering the company all year?
  • The IRS is still hammering out the details of the plan.
  • Begala's hammering of Starr is an example of that.
  • I don't sit there hammering it out ."
  • They were made by hammering lead sheets around a round form.
  • We should keep hammering China on human rights and international norms.
  • Fujitsu, Digital Equipment and Compaq were hammering down hardware margins.
  • First, he dreamed of hammering them with harangue against materialism.
  • The movement ends with an immense, hammering fist of protest.
  • Throughout the hammering, Combs remained calm and well-spoken.
  • But once defense lawyers began hammering at him, Sicignano changed.
  • The government is hammering out a new system for recycling cars.
  • Not after the Koreans were hammering at the door all afternoon.
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