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honied इन हिंदी

honied उदाहरण वाक्य
चापलूसी करना
मीठा करना
उदाहरण वाक्य
1."Hello dear, " he said in a full honied bass.

2.When you start hearing those monied, honied voices of ridicule and reaction, let them call you coy.

3.Bowmore Darkest, $ 75, is aged in Sherry casks and has smooth taste with floral, citrus and honied fruit.

4.The 1998 Inniskillin Oak Aged Vidal Ice Wine ( $ 85 ) has a lovely and inviting honied-peach flavor with citrus zest accents.

5.This is a mold that weakens the skins and allows the water to escape at the same time imparting an extraordinary honied flavor to the concentrated juice.

6.Bright honied notes with a hint of spiciness and crisp acidity in the wine balance against the richness of the duck and slight heat and orange flavor of the sauce.

7.With the stone facades painted in honied tones by the sun's last rays, crowds thronged into square to see the 1549 cortege re-created in all its glory.

8.Tillis says, dotting her " I's " with a honied twang that's part birthplace ( Nashville ) and part birthright ( her dad is country legend Mel Tillis ).

with honey added
पर्याय: honeyed, syrupy,

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